Simulating Heterogeneous Resources in Cloud Computing

12th April 2016


Christos Filelis-Papadopoulos

Postdoctoral Researcher

10:20  -  10:40
DCU Business School, Q301

The CloudLightning project involves three major use cases: Genomics, Oil and Gas Exploration and Ray Tracing. Computationally capable sets of resources, usually composed of accelerators in conjunction with CPUs, are offered by the system with respect to user requirements for use cases. Computational efficiency, in the sense of optimal coalitions of hardware, and power consumption are also major issues, hence necessary parameters affecting the execution of such applications must be a priori known and will be crucial for simulating such an environment at large scale. The simulation is an important step in assessing the performance of such a novel system, which is dedicated towards HPC in the Cloud.

Session Category :  Heterogeneous Cloud