DevOps: Migration to a Cloud-Native Architecture

12th April 2016


Pooyan Jamshidi

Postdoctoral Research Associate

12:30  -  13:00
DCU Business School, Q301

A look at the searches related to the term “microservices” on Google Trends revealed that the top searches are now technology driven. This implies that the time of general search terms such as “What is microservices?” has now long passed. Not only are software vendors (for ex- ample, IBM and Microsoft) using microservices and DevOps practices, but also content providers (for example, Netflix and the BBC) have adopted and are using them.

Pooyan will report on experiences and lessons learned during incremental migration and architectural refactoring of a commercial mobile back end as a service to microservices architecture. He will explain how they adopted DevOps and how this facilitated a smooth migration towards Microservices architecture.

Session Category :  Cloud Architecture