Enabling Cloud Quality of Service via Monitoring and Anomaly Detection / Wavelet-based Anomaly Detection and Visualisation

12th April 2016


Neil Cafferkey

Postdoctoral Researcher

09:30  -  10:00
DCU Business School, Q302

This talk will discuss Cloud quality of service, the current practices, challenges and means of addressing them.

It will explore the importance of monitoring to support Cloud service QoS and the management of Cloud deployments. The talk will highlight the qualities of good Cloud monitoring practices and will strive to differentiate between performance monitoring and anomaly detection. Based on our current work on anomaly detection, it will discuss the interplay between monitoring and anomaly detection for supporting Cloud provisioning management. The second half of the talk will present an overview of two anomaly detection techniques based on unsupervised machine learning and wavelets.

Session Category :  Cloud Performance Analytics and Monitoring