Self-Assessing Your Information Security

12th April 2016


Valerie Lyons

Research Assistant

12:00  -  12:30
DCU Business School, Q303

According to a recent survey, 49% of executive-level managers think cloud computing will transform their business, yet many organisations have been slow to adopt the cloud because of a range of concerns – including information security.

Cloud providers argue that their service, with highly-trained staff dealing with security every day, is more likely to reduce the chances of security breaches occurring, compared to an organisations overworked and under-resourced IT department.
To help IC4 members identify real information risk to their organisation when considering a cloud solution, IC4 developed an instrument which would help the organisation adopt a more focused lens on information security risk, by helping them ‘to ask the right questions’.
The tool was developed to analyse the current/future information security risk state, whilst also helping to determine where cloud will address or introduce risk.
Valerie Lyons will provide a brief overview of the IC4 Information Security Assessment tool, its component parts and instructions on how to use the tool.

Session Category :  Trust and Data Breach