Testbed for Heterogeneous HPC Cloud Orchestration

12th April 2016

10:40  -  11:00
DCU Business School, Third Floor, Q301

Talk will focus on the implementation of our test bed which has integrated with various state of the art software stacks on top of the heterogeneous resources to provide FT/HA clusters, fined grained resource management and containerized workload orchestration for HPC.

Also, demonstrate the 3D graphics interactive rendering from one of the use case ‘Ray Tracing’ using Blender 3D model, Intel’s Embree (Ray Tracing Kernel) libraries on Intel’s Xeon Phi co-processor. Rendering jobs are packaged within the container along with application libraries and can be executed selectively either on CPU or on Xeon Phi with direct access using kernel device pass-through. Interactive rendering for remote clients are achieved with SSH X11 forwarding with data compression to optimize the display frame rates and X server (Xming) running at windows clients machine.

Session Category :  Heterogeneous Cloud