Validating a Cloud Trust Label

12th April 2016


Lisa van der Werff

Lecturer in HRM/Organisational Psychology

12:30  -  13:00
DCU Business School, Q303

Lack of consumer understanding and insight into cloud service functioning makes it difficult for consumers to make knowledge based purchasing decisions.
As a result, consumer trust has become a major impediment to cloud adoption. As many of you will be aware, IC4 have been working on a Cloud Trust Label system which is designed to impact consumer perceptions of cloud service and cloud service provider trustworthiness as well as trust in the cloud service and cloud service provider. This session will include an overview of the first round of validation studies in testing the impact of this system on consumer attitudes. An experimental study was carried out with a sample of 227 business decision makers with data collected before exposure to the label to examine initial perceptions and after exposure to the label to examine any change in perceptions and attitudes. As expected, the results suggest that Cloud Trust Labels which contain positive information can have a positive impact on trust and trustworthiness while Cloud Trust Labels which contain negative information have a negative impact.

Session Category :  Trust and Data Breach