12th April 2016

DOLMEN Workshop: Needs Discovery

DCU Business School, Q301/302

14:00  -  15:30

Needs Discovery: How to use Design Thinking to find unmet/unarticulated needs that can be converted to commercially viable products.

Cloud Showcase – Built in Ireland

DCU Business School, Q303/304

14:00  -  15:30


Netsso is a new type of online bookmarker, combined with online password manager and encryption and management (sharing) system for online documents held in major online stores.  It enables the user to collect and store, and log in to all the places that he discovers that might be of interest to him on the internet, on and from any computer or device, using only clicks. These include links to all his online individual documents, which he can also click to encrypt strongly with individual random passwords, and which will decrypt for him exclusively on any other device or be shared with any other member as he wishes. He can also form a Joint-Netsso with others, to operate jointly as a team.

Netsso is beneficial for all users of the internet and has particularly valuable attributes for teachers, students, researchers, sharers of knowledge, consultants, digital marketeers, SMEs (passing documents for dispersed teams), medical records managers, and many others.



Established in 2004 Magnet is leading provider of broadband, telephony, VoIP, Wi-Fi, hosting and other cloud solutions to both businesses and consumers.

Headquartered in Clonshaugh in Dublin and with a regional office in Galway, Magnet became the first internet service provider to offer a 1Gb internet service fibre to the home. Magnet was also the first telecoms provider in Ireland to launch a cloud telephony solution which allows users to take and make landline calls on regular handsets, PCs, an online portal and a mobile app.